Collecting Data on Criminal Acts in Louisiana

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The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information, a wing of the Louisiana State police is in charge of keeping crime history information in the state. The BCII not only collects all data pertaining to criminal acts that have occurred within the geographical bounds of Louisiana State but also disseminates this information to other justice agencies, state licensing authorities and all private parties that are eligible to access crime history information under the laws of the state.

It would help to know at this point that Louisiana is a closed records state which means that a background check cannot be conducted by individuals or on a whim; at least not through the LSP and the BCII. However, you do have the liberty to choose the services of a private information vendor when looking for arrest records and warrants from the area. Along with the actual storage of the information and its distribution, the BCII also oversees the technical management of the system that is used for holding this data.

The Bureau offers two programs for accessing criminal history details; one is a finger print based search while the other is a name base inquiry. For the latter, there is an option to get the check done online.

The LACCH (Louisiana Computerized Criminal History System): Maintained by the BCII, this database contains information on arrests, warrants, charges and case disposition which can be procured through a name or personal identifier inquiry. The LACCH repository has information on all wanted criminals in the state long with people serving time in state facilities and also on individuals who have got a background check done or it was done to get a report on them for employment purposes.

AFIS (The Automated Finger Print System): A database that is linked to the LACCH, this repository has details on crime records that are backed by the fingerprints of the accused. These scans are collected at the time of booking and when added to the database, they are quickly integrated with mugshots and computerized crime history information. In addition to its functions of data maintenance and dissemination, the BCII also operates over 100 booking centers and live scan stations that are operated remotely. Together these centers send the feed to the AFIS.

Accessing crime history information through the BCII

The Bureau encourages applicants to start with the LACCH search and if the results of this are inconclusive or only if fingerprints scans are requested by the BCII should the applicant go for the AFIS inquiry. At the time of writing this article, Louisiana State Laws only allowed for the dissemination of criminal data to justice agencies from within the state and outside, regulatory authorities, employers in the healthcare and child services sectors and individuals who are interested in getting a person crime history report.

Getting a background report from the Bureau

  • Through mail: For a mailed request, you will have to fill the appropriate form and send it with a check to P O Box 66614 Mail slips A-6 , Baton Rouge LA 70896. Forms can be downloaded at
  • Online: The LACCH database is available at
  • In person inquiries: You can also visit the office of the state police to put in your application for a background search. The department works out of 7919 Independence Blvd, Baton Rouge LA 70806

It is also possible to send your search request to the local sheriff’s office from where it will be forwarded to the BCII. Name based searches are charged at $10 while the cost of a fingerprint inquiry is higher at $26. It is also possible to get a combined Louisiana State and FBI background check done for $42.50.