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The Jefferson County, Clerk of Court’s Office is part of the judicial mechanism of the area yet it functions very differently from the tribunals. The county clerk’s department has been exclusively created to handle the bulk of judicial records that get accumulated in the course of the day to day activities of the judiciary.

They not only handle the collection of Jefferson County court documents but are also responsible for storing these court dockets. The database they maintain is dipped into when the tribunals and criminal justice agencies need information on the legal litigations that have been argued in the local courts. Furthermore, the agency is also responsible for disseminating court dockets among members of the society in keeping with the Freedom of Information Act of the State.

Although civilian applicants can launch their Jefferson County case search through multiple channels, the county clerk’s office is the preferred choice for many due to various reasons. For one, when you approach the clerk, you can find judicial records for all the tribunals across the entire judicial spectrum of the area.

In other words, these Jefferson County judicial records are neither tribunal nor case specific, unless you are seeking information on a certain legal matter and provide the number of the case in question. Moreover, the clerk of court’s office keeps judicial records without discriminating between different types of cases.

To put it simply, except for the lowest level tribunals, which typically don’t require the maintenance of court dockets, the county clerk will have information on the matters handled by all other courts in the area. What is more is that the court documents will contain information pertaining to the trial from the very beginning.

So, for your case search in Jefferson County, LA, you should definitely consider going to the office of the county clerk. If you take a photo ID along, and have a few free hours, you can scour through the database of court dockets by using the computers made available for public service. You can contact the tribunals and the county clerk’s department at Government Building, Suite 2200, Gretna, Louisiana 70053 or you could look for court dockets online at