Revelries and Spate of Crimes!

Leading up to the annual Mardi Gras festivities, state troopers had to be called in to make up for the deficit in the number of local police officers. The additional presence of law enforcement personnel on the street not only contributed to a safer environment but also a startling increase in the arrest rates.
Between February 6th and February 15th almost 140 people were arrested which amounts to a whopping 14 arrests per day. Of the cases filed, 50 were against felonies and involved the seizure of 14 weapons. An additional 315 non narcotic charges were also generated while troopers managed to get almost $400,000 worth of illicit substances off the streets.

Although the information clearly highlights the benefits of the collaboration between New Orleans and state police, it also begs the question what happens when the troopers head back? In an official statement Col. Mike Edmonson who is the State Police Superintendent said that the troopers were encouraged to be proactive and make their presence felt across the city, both for the benefits of law abiding citizens and to keep criminal elements in check.

However, local police failed to offer information on how they intend to keep the streets clean after the festivities are over and they are still left with significant personnel shortage. Given the number of arrests made since the arrival of the state troopers, it is evident that the local police force has been spread too thin which can and has turned into a law and order situation.