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Although it is possible to conduct a St. Tammany County case search online, the process is often viewed as cumbersome because it involves registering with the website of court administration. Needless to say, this is a paid service and the information available only goes back to about 10 years. If you are seeking older judicial records, you will have to go to the clerk of court’s office or a tribunal in the area.

To access St. Tammany County court dockets online visit the website Alternatively, you can use the form above to find details on criminal matters. Although you will be asked to incur a small fee for this service as well, the advantage here is that the inquiry can be conducted discreetly, without getting official judicial sources involved in the investigation.

Moreover, the judicial records available are not limited to St. Tammany. In fact, you could easily find information on cases from criminal courts all over the country with this third party facility. So, the service can be particularly useful if you are keen on assimilating a background report on the subject. If you need criminal as well civil court dockets from St. Tammany, LA, you can go to the tribunal where the case was filed and fought or you could get in touch with clerk of court’s office.

To visit the general and limited jurisdiction tribunals in the area, you will need to drive down to 701 N Columbia St Covington, LA 70433. The county clerk’s office also works out of this location. However, you can also contact them through mail by writing to the agency at PO Box 1090 Covington, LA 70434.

Make sure that you send identifying information about the subject such as the full name, case docket number if this is available and contact details when looking for court documents from St. Tammany County. Also, take the time out to inquire about the applicable fees for the investigation and the modes of payment accepted. All of this information can be found from the clerk of court’s department.