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In Louisiana, State Police’s Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information is in charge of maintaining the state repository of crime history data. Details pertaining to all criminal cases that occurred in the state and perpetrators of such crimes are kept in this databases that can be used for a name based or a fingerprint search. While the Bureau does offer the facility for online inquiries, only authorized agencies are allowed access to crime history information.

Because Louisiana is a closed records state, individual applicants cannot request a background report. This provision is only available for employers in health care and education sectors apart from licensing authorities and law enforcement agencies of various counties from within the state and outside. The BCII manages two distinct systems that are designed to offer criminal history information in response to name and finger print based inquiries.

The Automated Finger Print Identification System

This database is a statewide repository of finger print identification information that is integrated with computerized crime history information and mugshots of criminals. The system is designed to serve the purpose of real time identification at the time of booking. This in turn secures data for the state’s fingerprint, mug shots and criminal history databases. The AFIS includes over 100 live scan sites and numerous full function remote sites. The entire network facilitates the easy identification of criminals and helps in launching searches for unsolved latent prints.

The Louisiana Computerized Criminal History System

Unlike the AFSI which is only accessible to law enforcement personnel, the LACCH serves as a central database of crime history information even for non-government agencies looking for a background check. Maintained by the Bureau of Identification and Information, the LACCH holds information on arrests, case disposition and incarceration. The system also includes data on individuals who have applied for certain employee positions that call for a fingerprint based background inquiry.

The Louisiana State Police Internet Based Background Check

Although the legality surrounding online inquiries are the same as those for mail in searches, only applicants who have the statutory right to access such information are granted access to the internet database. The advantage of using the internet based search tool is that applicants can get an immediate response for their inquiries.

However, before this service can be availed, your organization will have to be approved by the Criminal Records Office. Once you are authorized to use the system, you can submit background check applications online and if there is no disqualifying information in the crime history of the subject, you will be notified of this almost immediately.

It is also possible to get in touch with the Bureau by visiting their office in person or writing to them at: P.O. Box 66614, #A-6, Baton Rouge, LA 70896-6614; phone no: 225-925-6095. Applicants will be charged $10 for fingerprinting, $26 for a state only background check and $42.50 for retrieving details from the state and FBI databases.

If you use the internet based crime history check facility, you will be able to print an official receipt from the site; also, you will be given a unique audit number which can be used for future reference.

The BCII also handles the expungement of records and any modifications that have to be made to the crime history database. Apart from this, Louisiana State Police also maintain the state’s sex offender and child predatory registry in collaboration with the Department of Corrections.

This database serves as a central repository of information on all sex offenders, sexually violent criminals and child predators in the state. Information from this registry is disseminated in keeping with Louisiana and Federal laws concerning such data.

At the time of writing this article, applicant processing from the BCII was available for schools, health care and day care centers, social services, medical services and products establishments, the gaming industry and other regulatory agencies.