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Louisiana outstanding warrants are essentially pending arrest orders that are stored in the local police and federal law enforcement databases for use at any time when the alleged perpetrator gets involved in a legal transgression of any nature or magnitude. Outstanding warrants are not bound by time or geography; hence they not only stay in the system for as long as 99 years but also they can be used to effect an arrest in any part of the country.

No different from an active arrest order, an outstanding warrant is just a detention directive which has been held in the criminal history and information database for some time. In essence, the powers that it confers on law enforcement agents are the same as those provided to the sheriff’s deputies by an active decree for arrest.

When an outstanding warrant is found against an individual, even a minor issue like a traffic violation can lead to his arrest as all police officers have access to the FBI hosted central repository which contains information on all warrants issued in the United States. Once taken into custody, the offender is quickly deported to the issuing county where he will be made to stand trial for his indiscretions.

Laws pertaining to the dissemination of Louisiana outstanding warrant details

When looking for details on outstanding warrants in Louisiana, applicants are often sent from pillar to post as the state follows the closed record system. So, as an individual applicant, there is no way for you to find warrants or arrest records related details through a government source. In fact, access to crime history is only offered to organizations that provide health care or educational services to children, disabled people and seniors.

Apart from this, only employers in the gaming industry and licensing authorities can request background information on a third party. So, unless you fall in one of these categories, neither the judiciary, nor the local sheriff’s office will furnish crime history information to you. In fact, the only way to seek such details is through a private agency.

While there are several services that furnish criminal history details over the internet, it is imperative to choose a reliable agency that offers up to date information on outstanding warrants from Louisiana. To access one such extensive database of crime records, you can use the form given above.

The more heinous criminals operating in the state

Local precincts are bound to have a list of the county’s most wanted on their walls. However, at the moment, no official police websites offer this information online. Actually, the only way to access this information is if you happen to spot the mug shots of these criminals while you are visiting the local law enforcement office.

Finding information on outstanding warrants from Louisiana

To find the warrants issued against a person you know, it would help to connect with the office of the county clerk. Because this judicial branch is in charge of keeping the court dockets, you can find all criminal and civil records with them. In most counties, you will have to visit the office of the clerk of court in person to get a warrant search done. To find the addresses of the county clerk’s department in all 62 counties of LA, use https://voterportal.sos.la.gov/ElectedOfficials.

Only the Baton Rouge sheriff’s office is currently offering an online warrant search facility. To use this, you will have to visit their website at http://brgov.com/Dept/citycourt/warrants/. In response to a warrant information inquiry, the police will furnish details such as any known aliases, age, gender, ethnicity, date of birth and physical identifiers.