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If you are looking for information on active arrest warrants and arrest records in Acadia County, LA, you will find few online options that might cut the need to actually visit a state agency in search of this data. As a matter of fact, both the judiciary and local law enforcement insists that all people interested in a warrant search show up at their offices.

So, if you are keen on finding out about the criminal past of an individual you know personally or professionally, you will need to visit the three agencies mentioned below:

  • The sheriff’s department of Acadia County, LA: 1037 Capitol Ave, Crowley, Louisiana 70526.
  • The Office of the county clerk: North Parkerson, Crowley, Louisiana 70527-0922.
  • The magistrate’s court: 500 N Parkerson Ave, Crowley, LA 70526.

While all of these state departments will offer the results of a warrant search, each has its pros and cons. For instance, if you choose to go with the local law enforcement agency of Acadia, LA, you can get information on outstanding warrants, search orders, bench warrants, subpoenas, and more. However, most of these legal tools will be associated with criminal cases. Also, the sheriff’s office will be able to help you with a list of the most wanted felons in the area.

If you approach the magistrate’s court of Acadia, LA, for the very same information, they will search detention orders. Still, they will not provide information on all arrest records in an individual’s name. However, because the magistrate’s court issues all types of warrants and arrest decrees, you will get details on why an arrest warrant was issued in a specific matter.

Similarly, if you approach the clerk of court’s office, you will get information on both civil and criminal matters. However, they will not be able to help you with crimes that are still under investigation and cases in which a warrant was not sought to bring the suspect in.

If you need information on Acadia Parish recent arrests and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Department at 337-788-8700 for incident/accident/arrest records.
  • Call the Acadia Parish Jail at 337-788-8737 for information on recent arrests.
  • Call non-emergency dispatch at 337-788-8772 to report a crime.
  • Connect with the Warrants Division of the Sheriff’s Office at 337-788-8709 for a warrants search.
  • Call the City Courts at 337-788-4117 (Crowley) or 337-334-9677 (Rayne) for information on outstanding warrants from the judiciary.
  • Contact the District Attorney’s Office at 337-788-8831 for crime victim’s help.
  • Contact the Clerk of Court at 337-788-8881 for starting a criminal case search.

Crime statistics of Acadia Parish

In 2019, the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Department dealt with about 625 criminal complaints. Around 515 of these complaints were for property crimes. There were 271 cases of larceny-theft, 192 incidents of burglary, and 51 cases of motor vehicle theft in this category. Allegations of aggravated assault resulted in the filing of 87 violent crime complaints.

Older crime statistics

In the decade ending in 2008, almost 1000 crimes were reported in Acadia County every year. This brings the total crime rate for the ten-year period to just above 10,000 cases. On average, 3 crimes are reported in the area every day. Through the period mentioned above, violent crime jumped by almost 45%, followed closely by the average overall crime, which spiked by nearly 25%.

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