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There may be several reasons why a person would be interested in a warrant search in Vernon County, LA; unfortunately, there are very few online options to find active arrest warrants from the area. In fact, if you need a government source of information, you will be disappointed to know that both the judiciary and law enforcement ask people to submit their requests for outstanding warrant related data in person.

So, before you actually start gathering criminal background information on the subject of your inquiry, it would certainly help to know his this data moves through the state justice system. First, the police are expected to submit a petition in court that details the crime and the suspect’s involvement.

This information forms the basis of the police complaint filed to procure the active warrant in Vernon County, LA. The sitting judge closely analyzes this information to ensure that there is enough reason to presume the person in question was indeed involved in the act. Once this condition is met, the arrest order is issued.

The original petition is attached to the hard copy of the warrant and is handed over to the police while the court retains a soft copy of the affidavit and the arrest order. Because a pre warrant hearing is held before the issue of a detention decree, information about the court proceedings is also recorded by the office of the county clerk, which is in charge of preparing and maintaining the court dockets.

So, in essence, you can approach any one of the three government agencies below for a warrant search.

  • The office of the magistrate: 201 S 3rd St, Leesville, LA 71446.
  • The office of the sheriff of Vernon County: 100 E Courthouse StLeesville, Louisiana 71446.
  • The county clerk’s office: Address same as that of the magistrate’s office.

Who should you contact if you need information about recent arrests and warrants in Vernon Parish? (In the year 2021)             

  • To learn about recent arrests, call Jail Bookings-337-238-7232.
  • To get information on arrest warrants, contact the Leesville City Court at 337-238-1531.
  • To get help for a victim, contact the Vernon Parish District Attorney’s Office at 337-239-2008.
  • For judicial records, contact the District Court Clerk at 337-238-1384. 
  • For accident reports and arrest records, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 337-238-1311.

Crime statistics of Vernon Parish

Between 2018 and 2019, Vernon Parish’s overall crime rate decreased by 9%. In 2019, the local police handled about 509 complaints, compared to roughly 565 complaints in 2018. Around 450 of these cases were for property crimes, with the most common offense being larceny-theft. The filing of 58 complaints stemmed from violent incidents.

Older crime statistics

Vernon County, Louisiana, has witnessed a rapidly deteriorating crime scenario over the ten years, starting in 1999 and ending in 2008. There has been an alarming rise of almost 50% in the rate of violent crime and a rise of over 10% in the overall crime averages through this period. Currently, almost 430 crimes are reported in the area each year; this cumulative figure includes nearly 70 incidents that are violent in nature and over 350 cases of theft and robbery, etc.

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