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Information on arrest warrant searches for Franklin Parish, LA, is hard to come by. The sheriff’s office has no website. Even finding an address and telephone number for the sheriff is difficult. However, the Franklin Parish sheriff does have an office, located at 6535 (or 6556, or 5257, depending upon the source of information) Main St (or highway 17) in Winnsboro, LA. The office telephone number is (318) 435-4505 or (318) 722-4532.

In the first decade of the 2000s, each year, there was an average of 7 violent crimes, such as rape and murder, in addition to about 240 other crimes (mostly thefts). Unfortunately, there is little statistical data available on the internet about crimes and arrests in Franklin Parish. Obtaining information on outstanding arrest warrants is also challenging.

Looking to the state level, Louisiana does provide some information on arrests, active warrants, and arrest records. The Louisiana State Police Public Safety Services department has a bureau of Criminal Investigation and Information. At the bureau’s website, various forms and resources are listed. However, several possible information sources are restricted to only certain approved users. Notwithstanding this, approved searchers may access information about criminal background checks, rap disclosure forms (typically used by licensing boards), fingerprint identification, the Louisiana computerized criminal history system (arrest, case disposition, and incarceration data), the expungement process, Louisiana’s sex offender registry, and criminal histories.

Louisiana’s State Police Department also manages a “Law Enforcement Network.”That means they must ensure all municipal and parish agencies get the information they need. They also work with nation-wide databases.

For those not authorized to use state resources, the Franklin Parish Clerk of Court may provide useful information on arrest records, active warrants, and how to do an outstanding warrant search by name. The clerk’s office address is 6550 Main St, PO Box 1564, Winnsboro, LA 71295, and their phone number is (318) 435-5133.

Another local source of information is the Franklin Parish Courthouse, located at 6550 Main Street (P.O. Box 1594), Winnsboro, LA 71295. That office’s telephone number is (318) 435-5133.

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