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The criminal court of Tangipahoa County, LA, is the only judicial entity in the area that can grant police officers legal arrest warrants in cases of felony and misdemeanors. A warrant for arrest in a criminal case is very different from other detention orders that the court can issue, like a subpoena or even a bench warrant.

A duly signed document that clarifies the authority conferred on the county’s law enforcement officials is legally referred to as an active arrest warrant. The primary difference between this arrest order and other documents that call for an individual’s detention is that an active warrant does not go out of effect regardless of when it was issued.

So, in essence, an active warrant can be used to make an arrest even a good ten years after its issuance. The only change that takes place is in the term used for the arrest order once it is deemed pending. It is then legally called an outstanding arrest warrant.

Another difference is the legal procedure that culminates in the issue of a warrant. The criminal court cannot and will not issue such an arrest order unless the Sherriff’s Department approaches it with an appeal and a written petition.

This is done because the proof collected in the matter has to be sufficient for the eventual filing of an accusatory instrument for the judge to issue a warrant.

For any information related to arrest records in Tangipahoa County, LA, or if you are interested in a warrant search, get in touch with the Sherriff’s Office. You will have to go to the precinct in person to get your hands on the required information. However, you can call them on the phone to inquire about the procedure for a warrant search. Their contact details are:

  • Address: 313 N Oak Street, Amite, Louisiana 70422
  • Tel no: 985-748-8147

You can also use the form on this site for accessing an online database of arrest records and warrant information from across the country.

In 2001, an estimated 800 criminal reports were filed in the area; however, this figure had spiked a mere seven years down the line by almost 70% to reach nearly 1500. Of the approximately 5000 crimes reported in the county each year, nearly 5% are violent, with almost 40 incidents of homicide and just about 250 cases of rape reported over the 7 year period between 2001 and 2008.

However, car thefts take the lead when it comes to the highest number of cases, with almost 21,000 incidents in seven years. On average, a criminal act occurs in the area every 2 hours, and in most of these instances, the victim is just a mile away from his home/office when the crime takes place.

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