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An arrest warrant from Rapides County, Louisiana, is basically an order from the local criminal court issued to the police of the area to bring in a person to stand trial for his indiscretions. At issuance, this signed document is called an active arrest warrant, while a pending order saved in the national crime database is known as an outstanding arrest warrant.

If a warrant has been issued, it does prove the complicity of a person in the crime under investigation. An arrest order is exclusively issued in cases where enough proof exists to frame a criminal matter against the individual in question. While the judiciary issues many different arrest warrants, only a warrant for arrest in a felony case comes with no deadline.

So, while other detention orders will expire in time, an arrest warrant merely gets saved in the system under another legal term. An outstanding warrant could be executed at any time and anyplace even if it was issued several years ago. Once arrested, the suspect is quickly brought before the court for a bail hearing and eventually for a criminal trial.

To gather information on arrest records from Rapides County, LA, visit the Sheriff’s Office in person. It is located at 801 Murray Street, Alexandria, LA 71301. It would certainly help if you speak to the records clerk, letting him know about the warrant search you are interested in. They can also be contacted by phone and fax.

  • Tel no: 318- 473-6857
  • Fax: 318- 449-5463

Because the Sherriff’s Department does not offer warrant and arrest records related information through their official website, you can fill the form above to access a third party database of nationwide crime records.

A glance at Rapides’ crime rates over a ten year period starting in 1999 pointed to a significant increase of almost 50% in the rate of violent crime over the decade. Through this interval, nearly 60,000 case reports were filed in the county, which comes to around 6000 complaints every year.

While theft and robbery cases at almost 37,000 incidents formed a large part of this figure, it is hard to ignore the number of rapes and homicides in the county, which stand at over 300 and 70 cases.

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