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Any hiring decisions just cannot be made without checking for Assumption County, Louisiana arrest records and outstanding warrants in the name of a prospective employee. In fact, even out of state employers now require candidates to submit a thorough background check report before they are considered for a job. Fortunately, most state agencies are more than helpful when it comes to a warrant search.

The only effort required on the part of the applicant when looking for information on active warrants from Assumption, LA, is that he/she will have to drive down to the local sheriff’s office or a branch of a judicial department. In this case, you can head to:

The sheriff’s office: The local law enforcement agency will be able to furnish details on arrest orders, bench warrants, search orders and provide a general background report on the subject as they are entrusted the task of actually serving these legal orders. Apart from information on Assumption County arrest warrants, the police will also be happy to provide a most-wanted list and crime statistics for the area. The agency works out of 4809 Hwy 1, Napoleonville, Louisiana 70390.

The magistrate’s court: This representative of the state’s powers has the authority to issue an active warrant. Unlike detention orders issued by civil tribunals, an arrest warrant issued by a court with criminal jurisdiction will only be released at the behest of the sheriff’s office. The request for such an arrest order has to be made in the form of an affidavit, which is kept in the record along with a copy of the warrant. So, for a warrant search, you can also go to the magistrate’s office; it is also located at the courthouse on 4809 Hwy 1.

The office of the county clerk: This department of the judiciary maintains all trial records, which are called court dockets. To browse through a repository of case proceedings from the civil and criminal tribunals, you will merely have to drive down to the office of the clerk of court, which works out of the county courthouse.

How do access arrest records and details on warrants from Assumption Parish over the phone? (Valid in 2021)

  • To find out about recent arrests, dial the Bookings phone number- 985-369-7283.
  • To obtain arrest records and incident reports, contact the Administrative Division at 985-369-7281.
  • To report a crime and for general crime inquiries, use the non-emergency dispatch phone number- 985-369-2912.
  • To conduct a warrant search, call Sheriff’s Office at 985-526-1627.
  • To receive details about victim’s assistance, contact the District Attorney’s Office at 985-369-9905.
  • To get information on how to begin a criminal case search, contact the Clerk of Court at 985-369-6653.

Crime statistics of Assumption Parish

The Assumption Sheriff’s Office received 285 criminal complaints in 2019, compared to the 339 criminal crimes reported in 2018. There were 215 property offenses and 70 violent crimes among them.

Around 180 larceny thefts, 25 burglaries, and 8 motor vehicle thefts were included in the property offenses category. Nearly 65 aggravated assaults and 6 rapes were included in the violent crimes category.

Older crime statistics

In Assumption County, LA, only about 450 criminal matters are reported each year. While this figure is not exceptionally high, the area does have a stunningly high average of violent crime, which stands at 30% of the total criminal activity. To make the situation worse, there has been an increase of almost 100% in both violent and overall crime rates since 2001.

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