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In Red River County, LA, an arrest warrant search can serve many purposes, from weeding out anti-social elements from your personal life and your neighborhood to ensuring that you don’t inadvertently end up hiring felons for a job. The best part is that inquiries on active warrants take very little time and effort on the applicant’s part.

In fact, given the prospect of finding information on Red River County arrest records and outstanding warrants online, it will not take more than a few minutes to get your inquiry underway if you were to approach a third party information vendor. Yes, finding a reliable establishment will be a factor that will directly impact the veracity and reliability of the data handed out to you.

Please take a look at the form on top of this page; simple as it is, you can access a reputed crime history data vendor by filling it. An alternative but the less trodden path is to approach a state department. One of the reasons why this option does not find favor with applicants is because of the running around it involves. You will mandatorily have to visit the agency of your choosing in person to look for data on arrests and warrants.

If this is something you don’t mind doing, use the information given below to contact an agency of your preference. However, do not forget to take a government-issued photo ID along. You will also have to fill a request form and pay a small fee to get the search started. You can also connect with the departments through the mail.

  • The police: 615 E Carroll, Coushatta, Louisiana 71019
  • The county clerk: PO Box 485, Coushatta, Louisiana 71019
  • The court of the magistrate: 615 E Carroll St, Coushatta, LA 71019

In Red River County, Louisiana, approximately 140 criminal incidents are reported annually, of which about 20% are of a violent nature. Between 2001 and 2008, there has been a rise of almost 35% in the rate of property crimes and a growth of almost 40% in the figures of violent criminal occurrences in the area.

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