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To launch an arrest warrant search in St. Helena County, LA, you can connect with the local police office. Because cops are responsible for maintaining the law and order situation in the area and making arrests where required, it is a no brainer why this agency would be the perfect choice for any inquiry about criminal history.

So, people often ignore the fact that judicial agencies make equally good starting points for any search on active warrants from St. Helena County. For instance, the magistrate’s office can get you far greater information about not just arrest warrants but also other judicial orders than the police ever can.

Because the magistrate is the only entity in the state’s judicial network with authority to issue legal orders, you will find details on the summons, subpoenas, bench warrants, search orders, and case disposition, including probation, parole, and more from this agency. On the same lines, the county clerk’s office assumes the responsibility of the official record bearer for the judiciary.

So, through them, you can not just find St. Helena County arrest records and outstanding warrants but also civil case information. Of course, barring the civil court dockets held by the clerk of court’s office, the police also has access to all other information held by them. So, when searching for data on arrests and warrants, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s: 387 Sitman St, Greensburg, Louisiana 70441
  • The magistrate’s: P.O. Box 308, Greensburg, LA 70441
  • The county clerk’s: As above

The sheriff’s office of St. Helena County, Louisiana, gets almost 200 complaints against various crimes. Of these cases, nearly 20% at 40 incidents are lodged against violent crimes. Fortunately, there has been little movement in these figures over the last few years. While violent crime has held steady, there was a minuscule growth of about 5% in reported crimes.

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