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An order for arrest that has been issued in Jefferson County, LA, is a judicial directive for the police department to bring the person in whose name the order has been issued before the court. To procure the warrant, either the DA’s office or the Sherriff’s Department has to petition the court.

In keeping with the law, the order is only granted after the police can convince the sitting judge of a criminal court that the person in question can be held responsible for a specific criminal incident. The resultant judicial order is known as an active arrest order, and it has the name of the person against whom it has been issued, along with the names of one or two members of the Sherriff’s Department.

However, these police officers don’t necessarily have to make the arrest. The individual in question can be nabbed by just about any law enforcement official, including police officers of another county if the warrant is issued for a felony.

There are two scenarios in which an active arrest warrant may not be put to use immediately, making it a pending order for detention called an outstanding arrest warrant.

  • The person to be taken into custody is absconding.
  • The police have their hands full with other, more serious criminal issues.

If the person leaves the county, depending on the nature of the legal violation, he/she may face the prospect of arrest regardless of which state he escapes to. It is only a matter of time, and the most minor legal altercation will draw the attention of the law towards him/her.

For an arrest warrants search, it would be most appropriate to start with the Sherriff’s Department, which can be found at 233 Westbank Expwy Bldg A, Harvey, Louisiana 70058. It is also possible to access a third-party database by filling out the form above, making it easier and faster to do a warrant search.

How do I obtain arrest records and warrant information from Jefferson Parish over the phone? (Valid until 2021)

  • Detainees are taken to the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center, so call the facility at 504-368-5360 to find out about recent arrests.
  • The Sheriff’s Office is the main law enforcement agency of the Parish, so call them at 504-363-5542 for a criminal background check.
  • The Sheriff’s Office handles all legal criminal incidents and vehicle accidents, so contact the agency at 504-363-5590 for an incident/accident or arrest report.
  • The Sheriff’s Detectives handle the investigation of all crimes, so contact the Criminal Investigations Bureau at 504-364-5300 for case-specific details.
  • The Justice of Peace Courts issue warrants, so contact these judicial offices for a warrants search- 504-364-2760/504-349-5407/504-689-2208/985-787-4767/504-736-8714/504-466-7984/ 504-349-5416/504-461-0130
  • The District Attorney’s Office provides help to crime victims, so contact the agency at 504-368-1020 for victim’s assistance
  • The Clerk of Court handles all judicial records, so contact the agency at 504-364-2900 for a case search.

Crime statistics of Jefferson Parish

The dip of a mere 1% hardly made a big dent in the worrisome crime scenario of Jefferson parish. In 2019, the local police received 10858 criminal complaints. These were filed against 9,618 property crimes and 1,240 violent crimes.

Over 8,000 larceny thefts, 1,079 burglaries, and 525 car thefts were recorded as crimes against property. There were 832 aggravated assaults, 99 rapes, and 264 robberies among the violent offenses.

Older crime statistics

A look at the arrest records in Jefferson County over the decade ending in 2008 has revealed that there has been an unprecedented rise of almost 80% in the crime rate during this period. The worrisome trend becomes further grim when you consider the nearly 122,000 crime reports filed in the county in the decade, including almost 300 homicides and 700 rapes and a mammoth average of over 80,000 theft-related incidents.

The crime figures, which were at just about 1000 incidents at the start of the decade, ballooned to almost 2000 in the ten years. The annual crime rate burgeoned to nearly 12,000 incidents, while daily criminal occurrences also reached almost 24 per day.

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