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According to the Criminal Procedure of the state, only the sitting magistrate of a superior, circuit or city court can issue Allen County, LA arrest warrants. Also, a municipal offers who retains the powers of the magistrate can issue such an order; however, a detention decree of this kind is only issued once an affidavit is filed with the judiciary for its release.

This complaint has to come from the office of the sheriff or the district attorney or from the victim of the crime. The affidavit thus presented before the court plays a vital role in the warrant issue process; as it helps the judge to ascertain probable cause which is a legal mandate in the issue of an active arrest warrant.

So, if you want to do a warrant search in Allen County, Louisiana, it would be best to start your inquiry at the office of the magistrate which is located at 400 W 6th Ave, Oberlin, LA 70655. While you are looking for information on outstanding warrants, you can also gather details on why such an arrest order was issued in the first placed and any other cases against the subject that culminated in sentencing.

Another source of details on active warrants from Allen, LA is the office of the county clerk.This government agency is in charge of maintaining judicial records in the form of court dockets. So, you will be able to find data on civil and criminal cases from the department of the clerk of court. To get in touch with this branch of the judiciary, you can write to PO Box 248, Oberlin, Louisiana 70655

Finally, the most obvious choice for an Allen County warrant search would be the office of the sheriff. While paying a visit to the law enforcement agency, you can also check out other crime related data from the area like a list of the most wanted.The agency is located at 601 Court Street, Oberlin, Louisiana 70655 and you can call them at 318-634-5534.

Despite a growth in the rates of both violent and overall crime of almost 40%, less than 100 criminal incidents are reported in Allen County, Louisiana, each year. This is less than 1 incident per day; however, the steady growth in the criminal figures from 2001 onwards and the startling rise in 2007 has most residents worried.

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