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The process of finding information on Sabine County, Louisiana active warrants can often send people scuttling for cover, given how cumbersome the task can be. For this reason alone, most people choose to take the online route and look for information on arrest warrants issued in the area through online sources, which are often privately maintained. So, if you want to find arrest records from the county through the internet, fill out the form above to access a third-party database.

However, often, just getting your hands on outstanding warrant information may prove insufficient. This happens when you need to get a background report for official or employment purposes. So, if you need to submit a criminal history report for getting a job or would like to access this data on a potential employee, going through a state channel will be the only option for you.

Some of the government agencies which allow a Sabine County, Louisiana warrant search are:

  • The sheriff’s office: The law enforcement agency will also offer insight into the crime scene in the area and provide a most wanted list along with a warrant check. To get in touch, write to PO Box 1440, Many, Louisiana 71449.
  • The court of the magistrate: The magistrate’s court can be approached to get warrant records as well as to find out why such an arrest order was issued in a criminal matter. To contact a representative of the judge, go to 1601 Texas Hwy, Many, LA 71449.
  • The department of the county clerk: The county clerk’s team maintains a record of the court dockets, which are transcripts of trial proceedings. To look through a database of such records, you can approach the clerk of court at Capital and Main, Many, Louisiana 71449.

Can you access the Sabine Parish warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)

  • For inmate search and data on arrests, contact the Sabine Parish Jail at 318-256-9241 or the Sabine Parish Detention Center at 318-256-0006.
  • For arrest records and other police reports, contact 318-256-9241.
  • For requesting a Sabine Parish warrant search, contact 318-586-3898/318-256-2182/318-645-4648/318-567-2210/ 318-315-1072.
  • For judicial records and court dockets, contact (318) 256-6223. 
  • For victims’ and witnesses assistance, contact (318) 256-6246.

Crime statistics of Sabine Parish

In 2019, over 220 crimes were reported in Sabine Parish. Of these, nearly 195 were property crimes, and 27 were violent crimes. That was an increase of 9% from the 245 complaints filed in 2018.

Property crimes included 186 larceny-theft cases and over 8 burglary complaints, among others. The violent crime total included 18 instances of aggravated assault and 8 cases of rape.

Older crime statistics

From 2001 to 2008, almost 1500 crimes were reported in Sabine County, LA. Of these incidents, nearly 20% were violent criminal acts; this points to a growth of almost 53% in the average of such crimes. Also, overall criminal activity shot up by nearly 80% in the area.

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