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All active arrest warrants and bench warrants, and search orders are issued by the magistrate’s court of St Martin County, Louisiana. However, often bench warrants may also be used as a tool by the civil tribunals to detain people who skip bail and those who have not followed the court’s directives.

Regardless of the type of judicial tool issued to affect the arrest, all these orders are sent to the St. Martin sheriff’s department for execution. They are received by the court services division, which also requests the judiciary when arrest warrants are needed to take perpetrators into custody in criminal matters.

Generally, such detention decrees are served within days of their release; however, sometimes the suspect may find out about the issue of a warrant in his/her name, and he/she may flee the area, or the police may have bigger and more serious matters on their hand because of which they may put a particular case on the back burner. However, just because an arrest order is not/cannot be served does not go out of effect.

All such orders are stored with the police and the FBI in the form of outstanding warrants. When you approach the local law enforcement agency for a warrant search and information on arrest records, you can expect to get all data about detention decrees issued against your subject, including outstanding warrants.

When trying to assimilate crime history related data on a person, it would be best to start with the sheriff’s office as you will get a complete and exhaustive report on the criminal history of your subject along with general information on nefarious activities in St. Martin County, LA.

The agency office is situated at 400 Saint Martin Street, Saint Martinville, LA 70582. The local police agency furnishes a list of the county’s most wanted at

You can also get in touch with judicial departments for warrant records; try the magistrate’s office or the county clerk’s department, which works out of 415 S Main St # 110  Saint Martinville, LA 70582.

The annual crime rate of St. Martin County is approximately 120 incidents, which puts the area in the list of Louisiana counties with the lowest crime figures. Yet, the doubling of both violent and overall crime rates over the ten years from 1999 to 2008 has given residents cause for concern. When writing this article, theft and robbery with nearly 90 cases per annum were the commonest crimes in the area.

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