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The office that handles all criminal case documents is the Concordia Parish clerk of court. That office may possess the documents required to satisfy an arrest warrant search in Concordia Parish, Louisiana. According to the clerk of court website, the criminal department manages criminal court records. They handle the paperwork for felony charges for crimes occurring within the parish. If the charge for a crime is a misdemeanor, such charges are either handled by a city court if the arrests and charges occur in a city. If the occurrence took place outside a city, such cases are sent to the Concordia Parish Clerk of Court.

One procedure the clerk of court does is to maintain an outline of court hearings and motions. They also take care of the evidence entered into the court record. The clerk of the court’s criminal department also issues bench warrants. Since they maintain so much data connected with criminal cases, they may also provide information on arrest records or steer researchers to the correct source for such information. Their mailing address is 4001 Carter Street, Suite 5, Vidalia, LA, 71373.

For specific information on outstanding warrants in Concordia Parish, LA, the local sheriff may help. Sheriffs are typically charged with serving and executing many warrants, including arrest warrants, so it would follow that they would have a handle on the number of outstanding warrants in their jurisdiction and should be able to identify individuals with active warrants. The sheriff’s contact information is:

  • Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office
  • 4001 Carter Street
  • Vidalia, LA71373

For researching criminal histories, the Criminal Department in the Concordia Parish Clerk of Court office is a solid source of beneficial information. All records from the past 30 plus years are stored in computer files. However, information from more than 30 years ago may be obtainable. A search costs $20.00 plus copying costs.

How can I get arrest records and warrant details from Concordia Parish over the phone? (Expires in 2021)

  • Dial (318) 336-5231 for information about recent arrests.
  • Dial (318) 757-2865 for inmate search, inmate arrest records, and services.
  • Dial (318) 336-5231 for arrest records and incident reports.
  • Dial (318) 336-6255 for information on active warrants.
  • Dial (318) 336-5526 for information on victim’s assistance available from the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Dial (318) 336-4204 for starting a criminal case search.

Crime statistics of Concordia Parish

In 2019, the Concordia Sheriff’s Office received 377 criminal complaints, compared to the 406 instances that were reported in 2018. There were 304 property offenses and 73 violent crimes in the total.

Around 195 larceny thefts, 95 burglaries, and 13 motor vehicle thefts were reported under the category of property offenses. Over 50 aggravated assaults, 4 rapes, and 18 robberies were included in the category of violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

In terms of crime statistics, in Concordia Parish, about 325 crimes are reported every year. Of those 325 crimes, on average, about five are homicides. There are typically less than 20 rapes per year. As is typical in many other areas, many of the crimes reported are property theft offenses, and in Concordia Parish, those thefts include almost sixty car thefts per year.

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