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In St. Landry County, LA, the court services division of the local sheriff’s office is entrusted the task of handling all warrant related matters. So, this branch of law enforcement prepares the affidavit, which is submitted in court to request the issue of an active arrest warrant. This is also the wing of the agency that receives all arrest warrants from the local tribunal and which forwards these arrest orders to the deputies for execution.

On the other hand, the sheriff’s office of St Landry, LA, also has a separate division to handle requests for arrest records and warrants. Known as the support services division, this part of the agency disseminates information about arrest orders and maintains all records about active and outstanding warrants.

To approach the administrative services division, you will have to drive down to the sheriff’s department, located at 108 S Market St, Opelousas, Louisiana 70571. A formal request will have to be made to access arrest-related information, and you will have to pick up the results of such an inquiry in person.

The local judiciary also offers similar services for people interested in crime history data. Although information about various offenses is maintained by a myriad of state agencies, the two offices to approach for a warrant search are the magistrate’s court and the department of the county clerk.

While the former issues all arrest orders and other legal instruments like bench warrant and search orders, etc., the latter maintains the court dockets, so will be able to furnish information on all criminal and civil complaints filed with the judiciary St Landry County, Louisiana. To reach these government entities, go to 118 S Court St, Opelousas, LA 70570.

With its annual crime average of fewer than 1500 incidents is certainly not a high crime area of Louisiana State. In fact, less than 200 of the criminal incidents reported each year are violent in nature. Over the ten-year period from 1999 to 2008, there has been a massive drop of over 120% in the rate of violent crime, and this also pulled the average of overall crime down by nearly 30%.

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