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In most cases, the police will wait to procure Pointe Coupee County, Louisiana, active warrant before arresting an offender. The only time there is a waiver for the requirement of arrest warrants is when the offender is nabbed right after the crime has occurred or while it was taking place and a police officer was a witness to it.

Because it offers almost unlimited powers to the police, an active arrest order of this nature is only issued after careful deliberation. Also, the legal prerequisite of establishing probable cause based on the evidence available up to that point has to be fulfilled before a warrant is granted.

Upon the release of an active order for detention, the document is promptly handed over to the representatives of the sheriff’s office or the prosecution team that has requested it. From here, it is sent to the sheriff’s deputies for execution. An order that cannot be served does not lapse after a set period of time.

In fact, arrest warrants from Pointe Coupee County, Louisiana, have indefinite validity. When they cannot be used, they are merely stored in the police system as outstanding warrants, which can be executed later in the future.

The police are not only responsible for the execution of these warrants, but also they are in charge of maintaining information on arrest records when a person has been taken into custody through the use of a warrant. According to the Freedom of Information Act of Louisiana, all state agencies involved in the task of warrant issue maintain records of such orders. These government bodies will allow members of the public to conduct a warrant search in Pointe Coupee County, Louisiana. For these details, you can go to:

  • The office of the sheriff: 215 E Main, New Roads, Louisiana 70760; tel no: 225-638-5400
  • The court of the magistrate: E Main St, New Roads, LA 70760; tel no: 225-638-9596
  • The office of the clerk of court: PO Box 86, New Road, Louisiana 70760; tel no: 504-638-9596

Despite an average reduction of almost 25% in violent and overall criminal activity rates, the police of Pointe Coupee County, Louisiana, receive no less than 400 criminal complaints every year. Of this cumulative figure, almost 13% are violent incidents, while the rest are attributed to theft and vandalism.

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