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Morehouse County, Louisiana, active warrants are handled no differently from other counties and states. All arrest warrants are issued by a local tribunal that has the power to deliberate in criminal cases. These orders are only issued when the police file complaints for them in the form of affidavits.

The writ is treated as a source of information when deciding on the probable cause. The judge has to be convinced that there is enough evidence in the case for a reasonable person to conclude on its basis that a crime was indeed committed and the accused had a role in it.

Once such an arrest order is issued, it is sent to the police department for execution. A few days after its release, the warrant is kept as an active order, but if it is not executed shortly, it is stored in the system as an outstanding warrant from Morehouse County, Louisiana. Despite the difference in legal terminology, the power of the judicial order does not undergo any change.

In other words, a trivial traffic violation committed years after the issue of an active warrant can give the police officer in front of you enough reason to take you into custody. So, a warrant is certainly not bound by time or geography. For this reason, information on arrest orders is stored with multiple government agencies.

This is meant to make things simpler for law enforcement agents from across the country. Because a warrant eventually finds its way into the national database of arrest orders maintained by the FBI, any police officer from across the country can find out if there is a warrant out in the name of a traffic violator or an individual arrested for a more serious offense.

For a warrant search in Morehouse County, LA, you can approach three government offices.

  • The sheriff’s department: 351 South Franklin Street, Bastrop, Louisiana 71220
  • The county clerk’s department: 124 South Franklin, Bastrop, Louisiana 71220
  • The court: 100 W Madison Ave, Bastrop, LA 71220

With a decrease of nearly 85% in the rate of violent crime, the police of Morehouse County, Louisiana, sure seem to be doing their job well. Yet, over 450 criminal reports come in every year, and of these, no less than 9% are filed against violent criminal acts.

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