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Getting an arrest warrant search from Cameron County, LA, will get you details on several aspects of the subject’s criminal history and more. How much data you end up with will largely depend on the agency you go to for your inquiry on active warrants. Of course, you will be given the low down on this person’s arrest records and any outstanding warrants in his name that have to be served as yet.

Apart from this, the magistrate’s bench will also be able to tell you about the other judicial provisions that were invoked against the subject. For instance, you can find out if this person was ever called to court based on a complaint filed by a civilian. In this scenario, the tribunal must have issued a criminal summons against him.

You could also get details on the bench warrants in the name of this individual. These are essentially directives released when the defendant fails to obey a court order for appearance or the payment of dues. People who do not abide by a ruling from the tribunal are considered to be in contempt of court.

So, the magistrate does not have to wait for a probable cause affidavit from the police to issue these directives for arrests. You can also get details on subpoenas where the subject was called to offer his testimony in a criminal matter.

All of this information can only be found with the magistrate’s offices and the county clerk, which has the court dockets database and not with the sheriff’s department. The police will only be able to provide details on CameronCounty active warrants and other such criminal matters. The agencies discussed herein are all located at 119 Smith Rdg, Cameron, Louisiana 70631.

Is it possible to acquire information about Cameron Parish warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • Inquiries about general law and order concerns may be directed to the Sheriff’s Office at 337-775-5111/800-440-5111.
  • Requests for arrest records can be directed to the Records Division at 337-775-2110/2109/2106
  • Inquiries about recent arrests can be directed to the Cameron Parish Jail at 337-775-2125.
  • Inquiries about initiating a judicial record search can be directed to the Office of the Court Clerk at 337-775-5316. 
  • Requests for crime victim’s assistance can be directed to the District Attorney’s Office at 337-775-5713.

Crime statistics of Cameron Parish

In 2017, the Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office handled over 165 criminal complaints. Of these, 148 reports were filed against property offenses, while 20 were filed against violent crimes. Larceny-theft had the greatest occurrence rate among property crimes, with nearly 125 cases filed. As far as violent crimes were concerned, assaults brought in the highest number of complaints, at 17 cases.

Older crime statistics

With an annual crime average of about 260 incidents, Cameron County, Louisiana, is in the middle of the state’s crime spectrum. As far as the violent crime rate is concerned, it is 20% of the annual average, which is higher than the rest of the state. Although there was a drop of nearly 25% in overall crime, violent crime gained almost 15% in the last few years.

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