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Since law enforcement officers serve the vast majority of arrest warrants, a good place to start a Grant Parish arrest warrant search is with the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office. The office is at 205 Cypress St., Colfax, LA 71417. Their phone number is (318) 627-3261. Emails to the sheriff should be sent to [email protected].The Grant Parish Sheriff has a website,, which presents some information on tax payments, office departments, and news updates. However, it has no information or links to outside sites dealing with arrest warrant searches, active warrants, or arrest records. However, a phone call to the sheriff’s office may yield potential data sources on active warrants and arrests.

The Thirty-Fifth Judicial District Court of Louisiana covers Grant Parish. Its website is is a link to an online judicial docket page showing the current cases before the court. Thus, if an individual’s name is known, a review of the court docket may reveal their status, including arrests and convictions (helpful in criminal background and arrest records inquiries). There is also the Grant Parish Clerk of Court, which manages all the papers filed in connection with court cases. That office may provide some guidance on where to obtain information on all aspects of a case, including arrest warrants and arrest records. The clerk of court’s contact information is 200 Main Street, P.O. Box 263, Colfax, LA 71417.

In the years from 2001 through 2008, 1222 crimes were reported in Grant Parish, LA. Almost 140 of those reported crimes were violent crimes, and on average, there are almost 200 crimes per year in the parish, although the vast majority of those crimes are property theft crimes. For individuals with the right credentials, the most efficient way to find out about outstanding warrants and arrest records in Grant Parish would be the Louisiana State Police’s resources. For those not so authorized, some phone calls and emails to local offices may be the only means to obtain information on active warrants and criminal backgrounds.

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