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Before an active arrest warrant is issued in St Charles County, LA, a court’s sitting magistrate with criminal jurisdiction is duty-bound to consider all case-related facts carefully. This information is brought before the court through the use of a formal petition. The police file such a complaint in the tribunal when there is substantial proof against an individual.

However, regardless of the assumptions of the investigating officers in regards to the culpability of the accused, the judge decides whether there are enough grounds for the issue of an arrest decree. The criterion for the release of arrest warrants is well defined in the Louisiana Criminal Code; there has to be enough evidence against the accused for a reasonable person to believe that he/she committed the crime.

Once this condition is met, an arrest order is promptly issued by the judge. Although most such legal instruments are served within a few hours or at the most a few days of release, any that cannot be executed do not expire. They are stored in the national crime database under the term- outstanding warrants.

To find out if an acquaintance has an outstanding warrant in his/her name and to know more about his/her arrest records, you can approach the sheriff’s office of St Charles County, LA, which is located at 15045 River Rd, Hahnville, Louisiana 70057. While you are there for a warrant search, also cast a glance at the pictures of the most wanted criminals in the county.

Alternatively, you can also show yourself to the county courthouse at 15045 River Rd, Hahnville, LA 70057, which is home to the magistrate’s court. A representative of the judicial officer will be happy to help you with warrant records and ancillary information associated with the arrest order.

Finally, go to the office of the county clerk, which also works out of the courthouse mentioned above. The St Charles County clerk of court and his/her deputies are in charge of preparing and maintaining a court dockets database for both the criminal and the civil courts.

Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from St. Charles Parish over the phone? (2021-data)

  • For inmate search and inquiries about arrests- (985) 783-1164.
  • For St Charles Parish arrest records and warrants search-(985) 783-6237.
  • For details about a criminal case-(985) 783-1135.
  • For Parish judicial records-(985) 783-6632. 
  • For victim’s assistance- (985) 783-6263.

Crime statistics of St. Charles Parish

In St. Charles Parish, roughly 900 criminal complaints were lodged in 2019. Approximately 760 of them were for property offenses, such as larceny-theft (592), burglary (133), and motor vehicle thefts (37). In the category of violent crimes, there were 107 cases of aggravated assault and 4 cases of rape in the annual total of 133 events.

Older crime statistics

Despite a decrease of almost 30% in the rate of violent and overall crime figures, St. Charles County, Louisiana, still clocks in almost 1500 criminal incidents every year. Nearly 80 of these complaints are violent in nature and include homicide with 2 cases and rape with almost 5 incidents reported annually.

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