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Any arrest warrant search for East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, should start with either a phone call or a personal visit to the sheriff’s office. The Feliciana sheriff’s office is located at 11315 Bank St in Clinton, LA. The office phone number is (225) 683-8572. There appears to be no website maintained by the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff.

The other source of information on an active warrant or an arrest in the East Feliciana Parish clerk of court. The parish clerk’s office website (http://www.eastfelicianaclerk.org/index.php/court) contains some potentially helpful information on outstanding warrant searches and arrest records. Additionally, the clerk’s office provides an online records search system (https://cotthosting.com/laefelicianaexternal/?ReturnUrl=%2feSearch%2fIndex.aspx). The service is available by subscription only ($100.00 per month). The clerk of court’s office is charged with handling all the paperwork submitted in connection with court matters. The documents include civil court pleadings (petitions, responses, and the like) and criminal case documents. On their website, the East Feliciana, LA, Clerk of Court includes a “Criminal Background Check” and expungements on its list of services. The clerk’s office is open weekdays from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Their address is 12305 St. Helena St., PO Drawer 99, Clinton, LA 70722, and their telephone number is (225) 683-5145. The Clerk of Court also issues citations and notices that are given to the sheriff to be served.

Beyond serving process and other documents, the sheriffs of East Feliciana Parish execute arrest warrants. Many are connected to specific crimes committed in the parish, where there are, on average, about 180 crimes reported each year. Less than a tenth of the crimes are classified as violent crimes, however.

Louisiana’s State Police Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information provides a database to search for criminal history backgrounds (https://ibc.dps.louisiana.gov). However, entities wishing to use the service must be approved by the Criminal Records Office. Business names, tax ID numbers, and other information are required for registration, and all information is verified before the approval of any user.

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