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In Washington County, Louisiana, all types of legal instruments, including active arrest warrants, are issued at the judiciary’s sole discretion. This means that while the police investigate all criminal complaints, the judiciary keeps a close watch on law enforcement’s workings to ensure that the rights of alleged suspects are not compromised in any sense.

In fact, wrongful and illegal detention can stand against the police in the court of law and can even cause the matter to be dismissed; this is one of the prime reasons why the police often prefer to take the judicial route and request arrest warrants in a case before detaining the suspects.

If you are looking for information related to an outstanding warrant in a specific case, it would be best to approach the office of the local tribunal’s sitting magistrate that hears criminal cases. In Washington County, LA, this is situated on the Main St, Franklinton, LA 70438.

If you go to the police with your request for a warrant search, you will likely find more extensive information on the criminal past of your subject. Another advantage is that while you are at the precinct, you can also look at the list of the most wanted perpetrators in the county. The sheriff’s office works out of 1002 Main St, Franklinton, Louisiana 70438.

However, for some reason, if you are averse to visiting the sheriff’s office, you can easily head to the county clerk’s department. This is located at Courthouse Building, Corner of Washington and Main St, Franklinton, Louisiana 70438. This judicial division will often provide people access to a database of court dockets with a detailed account of case proceedings, including pre-warrant trials.

In fact, the court’s office clerk will often have public service terminals at the justice center, and these can be used to browse through civil and criminal records without filing a formal request for such information.

With 1600 incidents of crime reported annually and an increase of almost 50% in the rates of property and violent criminal acts, it is no surprise that Washington County figures in the list of areas with the highest crime rates in Louisiana. On average, almost 5 criminal reports are filed in the county every day, translating to over 16,000 reported cases in the ten years from 1999 to 2008.

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