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An individual involved in a crime will be arrested immediately if a law enforcement officer witnesses his/her offenses. However, if not arrested in the act or with an illicit substance or illegally held firearms, an arrest can only occur with a warrant.

An arrest warrant issued in Livingston County, LA, is a judicial document that allows the police to apprehend a person and hold him in custody till such time that he/she is presented in court for a bail hearing. Before issuing an arrest warrant, the magistrate takes all effort to ascertain that there is ample proof to hold the person in question responsible for the crime irrefutably.

The arrest order thus duly released is known as an active arrest warrant. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, the court can be approached at any time of the day and night for an arrest warrant.

Sometimes, the police do not take immediate action despite holding a Livingston County judicial arrest order in their hand. This may happen due to any number of reasons like:

  • The suspect cannot be found.
  • The individual in whose name the warrant has been issued is absconding.
  • He/she is unaware of a warrant in his/her name.
  • The police suspect another person’s involvement.
  • There are more pressing matters that the Sherriff’s Department has to handle.

At any time, if arrest warrants are not served, they are held back in the national crime database and are referred to as outstanding warrants.

The Sherriff’s Office of Livingston County, Louisiana, will be your best bet if you are interested in a warrant search. They offer all required information about arrest records in the county. However, to get this data, you will need to visit them in person.

Their head office is located at P.O. Box 850, 20180 Iowa St, Livingston, LA 70754. If you would rather use the internet to look for the information you need, go ahead and fill out the form given above for quick access to a third-party crime database.

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or information about Livingston Parish warrants over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • Information about recent arrests- (225) 686-2241 (Livingston Parish Prison)
  • Information on accessing arrest records and police reports- 225-686-2241 (Sheriff’s Office)
  • Information on arrest warrants- 225-665-5505 (Denham Springs City Court).
  • Information on criminal court records- (225) 686-2216 (Clerk of Court)
  • Information on victim’s assistance- (225) 686-3070 (District Attorney)

Crime statistics of Livingston Parish

The Livingston Sheriff’s Department recorded approximately 3500 criminal complaints in 2019, which included nearly 3,000 property offenses and 550 violent offenses.

Around 2100 larceny-thefts, 681 burglaries, and 173 motor vehicle thefts were recorded as property crimes. Approximately 470 aggravated assaults, 53 rapes, and 16 robberies were among the violent crimes reported.

Older crime statistics

The fact that violent crime figures have undergone an increase of well over 50% in Livingston is reason enough to look closely at the area’s crime statistics. Over the eight-year period that started in the year 2000, nearly 20,000 complaints were filed in the county, which works out to almost 2000 cases per year.

Of these, nearly 13,000 were incidents related to robbery and theft, including carjacking cases with only about 30 homicide reports and about 150 occurrences of rape. The average daily crime rate is observed to be around 8 incidents, and in most cases, the victim is targeted when he/she is just a mile from his/her home or office.

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