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Police allow civilians to conduct Madison County arrest warrant searches in a bid to accentuate community safety. Applicants generally use the information on LA criminal history to weed out troublesome employees and neighbors with a less than pristine past. These endeavors inevitably help to keep anti-social elements away from society.

The sheriff’s department and the judiciary seem to concur with this approach for handling nefarious threats to civilians. In keeping with this, the state’s judicial entities also offer details on Madison County arrest records and active warrants. Locally, you can approach the office of the magistrate or the county clerk for this data.

The thumb rule for enlisting the help of a state agency is that for exclusively criminal data, it would be best to get in touch with the police. On the other hand, when looking for information on more than just arrest warrants from Madison County, try the magistrate’s office.

Finally, if you are keen on finding out about the civil as well as criminal matters that involve the subject, your best bet would be the office of the county clerk. This department houses the court dockets database that contains information on all cases heard by judicial entities in the area. To connect with these state agencies for details on outstanding warrants and arrests, head over to:

  • The Police: 100 N Cedar Courthouse Bldg, Tallulah, Louisiana 71282
  • The court: 100 N Cedar St, Tallulah, LA 71282
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 1710, Tallulah, Louisiana 71282

How do you contact state agencies over the phone for an arrest report or information about warrants from Madison Parish? (Updated-2021)

  • For up-to-date arrests information, contact the Madison Parish Correctional Center at 318-574-0584, the Madison Parish Jail at 318-574-1833, the LA Transitional Center for Women at 318-574-5740, or the Bayou Correctional Center at 318-574-0225.
  • For arrest records and police reports, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 318-574-1831.
  • For a Parish warrants inquiry, call the City Courts -318-878-3963/318-341-0667/318-574-2286/318-341-7762.
  • For victims’ support, call the District Attorney’s Office- 318-574-1706.
  • For criminal court records, call the Clerk of Court-318-574-0655.

Crime statistics of Madison Parish

The annual crime average of Madison Parish went from 47 complaints to 38 complaints between 2018 and 2019. Of the total cases filed, property crimes accounted for 27, while violent crimes brought in 11 complaints.

Within these crime categories, larceny-theft (18 cases) and burglary (8 cases) accounted for the maximum number of property crime-related complaints. In the violent crimes category, aggravated assault (10 cases) had the highest occurrence rate.

Older crime statistics

Crime statistics are available for Madison County, Louisiana, starting in 2001 and going up to 2008. Of these eight years, the last two have been worse in terms of crime average. Both violent and property crimes showed a growth of over 60% in this period. On average, 380 criminal complaints were filed with the authorities every year through this interval.

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