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When an arrest warrant is issued in St. Tammany County, LA, it signifies a judicial order to the local law enforcement agency to apprehend the person in whose name it has been issued at the earliest opportunity and bring him/her before the court. While there are many different types of arrest warrants, those relating to criminal activities can only be issued by a branch of the judiciary that hears such cases.

Although not a mandate in all detention cases, the police will seek an arrest warrant against a person if he/she was not nabbed while committing the crime or right after. A warrant is a written order for arrest that has the magistrate’s signature on it, which attests to the judiciary’s role in the whole procedure.

The duly signed document known as an active arrest warrant is handed over to the police for appropriate use after issuance. It clearly mentions the name of the person who is to be arrested and the arresting officers’ names.

However, please make no mistake, any law enforcement officer can take a person in custody upon gaining the knowledge that he/she has a warrant out in his/her name. Even if an arrest is not promptly made after a warrant has been issued, the order gets stored in a nationwide system as an outstanding arrest warrant.

If you want to know if an arrest warrant has been issued in St. Tammany County, LA, against an individual you know, you have to visit the Sherriff’s office for a warrant search so that you can put your doubts to rest. They are located at PO Box 1120, 701 N Columbia St, Room B1010-2, Covington, Louisiana 70433.

While you can speak to the records clerk on the phone by calling on 985-809-8200, you will need to visit the precinct to get your hands on the arrest records. However, if you would rather conduct the warrant search online, go ahead and fill the form above to access an internet database of warrants and arrest records from across the country.

With an annual crime rate of well over 4600 cases, St. Tammany County figures on the list of counties with a fairly high rate of criminal incidents. Add to this the staggering rise of almost 70% in the rate of crime between 1999 and 2008, and it is easy to understand why the county clocked nearly 50 homicides and over 300 in the decade.

An analysis of the roughly 46,000 incident report reveals that theft with almost 34,000 complaints registered remains a major concern for the police. On average, a crime occurs every 2 hours in St. Tammany, and in most incidents, the victim is no more than a kilometer from his home.

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