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As a resident of East Baton Rouge County, Louisiana, you have certain state and federal rights, and one of them is the right to information. You can exercise this fundamental right by seeking arrest record related data from the local sheriff’s department. However, before you knock on the door of the law enforcement office, it would undoubtedly help to go in with some idea of what arrest warrants are all about and how they work.

A judicial order for arrest is legally termed as an arrest warrant. The court never issues its own; the procedure has to be started by the police department, which requests the court to issue an order for the detention of a person who is a suspect in a criminal incident.

The judge closely considers all the facts presented before the court before signing the document. Once released, the order for arrest is known as an active arrest warrant, and it confers certain powers on law enforcement officials such as:

  • With a warrant in hand, an arrest can be made from any place and at any time of the day or night.
  • The police officers are allowed to use any means of force necessary to bring the person in.

Because a warrant is always issued according to the statute of limitations governing arrest orders, the person in whose name it has been issued can be reasonably sure that there is enough evidence to hold him/her responsible for the crime.

However, the warrant does not legally obligate a person to confess to the crime or offer any information that will be held against him/her in the court of law. If an arrest is not made with the order, the document gets stored in the criminal system as an outstanding arrest warrant.

The Sherriff’s Office will be the most accurate source of information on arrest records and warrants issued in the county. So, if you want to conduct a warrant search, you can call them on 225-389-5000 and visit the law enforcement agency at 300 North Blvd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70801. You can also check out the East Baton Rouge County Sherriff’sDepartment’s official site at http://www.ebrso.org/PUBLICTOOLS/WarrantList.aspx.

Because East Baton Rouge started with a fairly high crime rate in 1999, the increase of almost 40% in violent criminal activity has alarmed most. The spike in the criminal reports to almost 2500 and the annual crime figures of nearly 22,000 has left the sheriff’s department with a lot more work at the end of the decade.

A crime occurs almost every half an hour in East Baton Rouge, and there have been nearly 600 murders and 1000 sexual assault reports filed in the area between 1999 and 2008. Over that period, almost 223,000 criminal incidents occurred in the county, of which about 47,000 were theft cases.

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