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So, you have decided to conduct an arrest warrant search in Tensas County, LA? Good Idea! However, before you launch a full-scale inquiry into the arrests and the outstanding warrants in the name of your subject, it would help to walk into the investigation with a clear idea about how these directives are issued and how they are put to use.

Active warrants from Tensas County come into being as a result of a police complaint filed in court. The tribunal will never issue an arrest warrant based on an affidavit filed by a civilian. The first step in such cases is to release a summons. If this is dishonored, the magistrate will then command the arrests of perpetrators who do not show up in court as ordered.

The sitting judge will study the evidence and make a probable cause determination based on this. It is also the norm to call in the witnesses if the magistrate cannot find reasonable evidence based on the police petition. Outstanding warrants from Tensas County come with indefinite validity; plus, they stay in effect outside the issuing state as well.

So, these directives can be used to make arrests in part of the country and at any time. You can find out about arrest warrants from three state agencies; these have been listed below. Another way to launch an arrest warrant search in Tensas County is through a private agency, filling the form above.

  • The sheriff’s: PO Box 138, 203 Hancock St, St Joseph, Louisiana 71366
  • The magistrate’s: 318 Plank Rd, St Joseph, LA 71366
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 100, Dakota City, Iowa 50529

Tensas County, Louisiana, has a fairly low crime rate of just 100 incidents per annum. However, the rate of violent crime is exceptionally high, at almost 30% of this number. Theft forms the bulk of the annual average with 40 incidents. Overall, property crimes have a higher frequency than violent acts.

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